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"... It is truly a state of the art facility, not matched anywhere. ... The level of technology built into this building exceeds that which all but the most advanced human hospital would have. ... The tremendous work skills of your staff are reflected in the extremely high quality of all the workmanship. ... The end product is stupendous and should serve as an ongoing source of pride for you as well as for us."

Wolfgang Zenker B.Sc., D.V.M., M.Sc., M.B.A
President of the Board
Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital


Whether it's a new structure or a renovation to an existing space, a building represents a substantial financial investment. We help you maximize the value of that investment by bringing a diverse range of expertise to the table and facilitating a spirit of collaboration to get the job done seamlessly. There is often more than one way to solve a problem. Using your business priorities, we present and help you evaluate several alternatives to help you make informed decisions.

Most importantly, we are stewards of your asset. We value your trust and business. Our open book policy lets you see how each dollar is spent and how we maximize the value in every phase and facet of the construction.

Pre-Construction Services

The success of a project is determined by the initial planning before construction. By getting involved in your project at an early stage, we can help you identify key issues that may cause delays and budget overages while suggesting cost-effective alternatives that can contribute to a successful project. As a recognized leader in providing superior pre-construction services, we look to save costs and add value in every phase of the project.

Site Selection With in-house design, urban planning, leasing and construction management expertise, we have the necessary resources to evaluate the viability of each location.

Estimating The cumulative years of experience found in our Estimating Department and the use of current technology enable us to provide accurate pre-construction estimates.

Value Engineering Our ability to think critically and creatively allows our team to propose cost saving alternatives that may facilitate building or operating efficiencies without compromising project design or quality.

Scheduling Gottardo's team of project managers and field personnel have developed a reputation for implementing and meeting the most aggressive schedules, whether the project calls for multi-phased construction in an occupied facility or an accelerated timeline dictated by the needs of the client.

Systems and Technology We are committed to utilizing the latest technology available in the marketplace to provide accuracy, improve communication, and create efficient delivery of construction services to our clients.

Budgeting We utilize the latest software and practices for budgeting and estimating purposes. These applications and processes are designed for both general contracting and design-build projects and provide accurate and specific budgetary information.

Project Management Project Management and Microsoft Project software are used to document and monitor project schedule activity.

Delivery Methods

Often projects are estimated and built in similar fashions, but our client's needs are rarely the same. Only when we have thoroughly researched and analyzed your project do we recommend a solution. From the beginning of a project to its completion, our approach is simply this - to understand and deliver the services that best meet your needs. Whether we earn your business through a competitive tender process or negotiated terms, Gottardo has the depth and experience to deliver a building project in a number of ways to suit your preferences.

Design-Build We partner with design professionals and consultants to provide you with single-source responsibility for the project.

General Contracting We can be your hands-on contractor team complete with a self-performing work capability of skilled masons, carpenters, labourers and excavating equipment operators.

Construction Management We will manage your construction process to ensure your goals and objectives are achieved through implementation of a detailed management plan.

Development Gottardo has vast experience at site selection, land purchase and sale, financing, marketing, leasing and design-build. Our in-house resources provide a comprehensive service from site selection to a completed building for lease or build-to-suit arrangements.

Property Management Our professional team of property specialists and dedicated staff ensures a reliable revenue stream with stable tenant base delivering exceptional service to maintain and add value to investments.

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